Shree 108 Prathamacharya Shantisagar Maharaj

(1872 - 18 Sept. 1955)

Shri Shanti-Sagar Maharaj is credited for revival of the Jain-Muni (Monks) heritage in the 20th century. He once again underlined importance of atma-chintan (self-introspection), dhyan (meditation) to the common people, helping them to clear the clouds of ignorance, doubts and illusion and walk on the path of religion. He also emphasized on the independence of Jainism from other contemporary religions, against the common assumption of Jainism being a sect of Hinduism. He created awareness among people about the core principles of Jainism (also known as ratna-traya or 3 Gems of Jainism) like Samyak Dnyan ( true/ real knowledge), Samyak Darshan (right perception of the world around) and Samyak Charitrya (right behavior, character). Also, he promoted the ancient Jain-scriptures and try to instill their importance among the followers.

Click the link to read the last message delivered by Shri Shanti-sagar maharaj while he was observing Sallekhana (fast unto death)

The Last Sermon

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