Shree Parampujya Samantbhadra Maharaj

Gurudev Samata-bhadra maharaj worked towards social welfare during the pre-independence days (of India). During this period, many freedom fighters had given equal (or higher) priority to the social cause as Indian Independence. Shri Samanta-bhadra maharaj also considered proper child education as the foundation for building a healthy society in future. Accordingly, he adopted the ancient Indian tradition of Guru-kul (where young children leave their parents house and learn residing at the “Guru-kul”). He founded Guru-kul at various places in Maharashtra, India like Karanja, Bahubali, Solapur, Kunthalgiri etc. Under his spiritual guidance, many young people gave themselves selflessly to the noble profession of teaching. He shaped up many young minds - teachers and students alike - together with idealism and prudence.

He also motivated the common men of society to donate for the cause of supporting the educational institution - thus making them financially independent. Apart from working towards education of the young minds, these institutions provided means of living to many aspiring young people.

The Guru-kul found from his motivations in Kunthalgiri is still running successfully. Click here, to know more about the Guru-kul.

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