Shree Parampujya 108 Aryanandi Maharaj

(28 Feb. 1907 - 8 Feb. 2000)
The symbol of love and affection, Shri Arya-nandi Maharaj was one of the prominent Jain monks of the century. He was initiated by his guru, Shri. Samanta-bhadra Maharaj, for the holy cause of preservation and betterment of the Jain teerth-kshetra (pilgrimage centers). He travelled across the length and breadth of India (by foot), to spread this cause. He sensitized ordinary people about their responsibility and commitment to their religious heritage, and provoked them to contribute their bit for this - thus collecting a huge sum of 1 Crore Rupees (10 million).

He was particularly fond of Kunthalgiri. In year 1981, upon understanding the water problems, he appealed the (then) Chief Minister of Maharashtra to address it. As a result, a water reservoir was created in the surroundings of Kunthalgiri.

The "Samanta-bhadra Swadhyaya Bhavan" was started at Kunthalgiri under his inspiration and guidance. Owing to his work, the Kunthalgiri shrine and Guru-kul has been ever receiving donations from all sections of society, enabling the organization to undertake new initiatives and create new facilities.

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