Shree Parampujya 108 Veersagarji Maharaj

 (5 May 1940 - 10 March 1993)
Shri Veer-sagar Maharaj was the saint to join the lineage of Shri Shanti-sagar Maharaj and Shri Vrushabh-sagar Maharaj by taking up Sallekhana at Kunthalgiri, following which he gave up his body on 10th March 1993, at 10.30 AM. Born on 5 May 1940 to Chanchalabai and Gulabchand Doshi, he (prior name Chandrakant) was a Doctor by profession. He was always inclined towards spirituality... thus on 14th May 1975, he was initiated in the Jain monk order by Pa. Pu. 108 Adi-sagar maharaj at Akaluj (Dist. Solapur, Maharashtra). Thereafter, he followed the path of religion for his own spiritual upliftment as well as for the well being of the society for next 18 years. However, due to endless travel (on foot) under the sun in the hot climate of India caused brain hemorrhage and paralysis. He realized that it would not be possible to follow the strict discipline of a Jain monk any more, so on 4th March 1993 he began his Sallekhana. He suffered unbearable pains for the next 6 days, but he always retained his composure, and finally left his body on March 10th.

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