Parampujya 105 Sarvadnyashree Mataji

(11th Feb 1961 - 8th Jan 1996)
Pa. Pu. 105 Sarvadnya-shree Mataji belongs to the glorious tradition of Jain Aryikas (female monks). She left her mark on this tradition in the last decade of 20th century. She was the first, after Shri Shanti-sagar Maharaj, to take up an extremely difficult practice known as “Sinhnishkridit vrat”.Prior to joining the monk order, she was born to Anandamati and Hiralalji Shaha (Mhaswadkar), on 11th Feb. 1961 and grew up as a scholarly child. At a very young age of 19, on 23rd September 1980 she took up the “Ajanma Brahmacharya Vrat” (oath of lifelong celibacy). She got Master of Arts degree in “Darshan-shastra” and studied Jain philosophy at Shri Narandraji Bhishikar (Solapur, Maharashtra) and Pt. Motilalji Kothari (Faltan, Maharashtra). She was an accomplished writer, poetess and orator. She was also the Founder and President of  “Siddhant Prasarak Mandal (Kasar Shirasi)”. On 22nd July 1991 she was initiated to the monk order at Tirthankar Tapovan, Shendri. On 19th November 1995, at Kunthalgiri, she began with her “Sinh-nishkridit vrat” and went on to follow it for next 48 days until 8th January 1996, when she left her body.

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