Shree Parampujya Bramhacharya Parshwasagarji Maharaj

 He was born in villiage named Birdha (Near Talbahar, Dist. Jhansi, (Bundelkhand), U.P.) as Nandlal, to the parents Ramprasad and Mathurabai. After being married for 16 years, he decided to leave behind his family and home and he went to Jaipur to Pt. Chimmanlal gandhi and studied the religious texts and scriptures. Thereafter he went on to the journey across India, and thus on his way reached Kunthalgiri. The place of Kunthalgiri, which is blessed both by nature and holy figures like Desh-bhushan and Kulbhushan alike, grew liking in him and he decided to stay here itself. Thereafter, he went to Chandra-kirti Maharaj in Karnataka to take up the Brahmacharya vrat (celibacy oath). Upon returning to Kunthalgiri, he founded Deshbhushan-Kulbhushan Brahmacharya-ashram in 1913 in the interest of natives, to facilitate their education. This was the first and foremost Guru-kul (Boarding school) in Maharashtra. For the next 40 years, he worked tirelessly for the development of this Guru-kul. He went from village to village in Marathwada (a region in Maharashtra) in search of students, whom he brought to Kunthalgiri for their further education (both formal and religious). He was a versatile personality, along with the knowledge of religion, he had knowledge of medicinal qualities of various herbs. Thus, he used to treat the natives as well. He was an able artist as well. The Mahaveer Samavsaran Mandir at Kunthalgiri is a living example of his ascetics.

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