Shree 1008 Bhagwan Mahaveer Mandir

This temple is situated in front of Neminath temple and the idol of Bhagwan Mahaveer is in white color. There are two idols of Chandraprabhu, one is in white and another is in black stone is placed at left side of the main idol of Bhagwa Mahaveer and on the right hand side the idol Bhagwan Shantinath and Arahnath are placed respectivaly. The holy replacement of this temple is done by Shreeman Seth Ramchand Abhaychand Kothari, resident of Baavi town in year 1902. There is gathering hall in front of this temple where Shree Munisuvrat, Mallinath and Arahnath idols are placed. The holy replacement of this idon is done by Shree Gangaram Lilachand Gandhi from Baramati in 2008.

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