Deshbhushan Kulbhushan Mandir

The beauty of the Kunthalgiri is gifted by nature. It is situated on a hill that is spread in a north-south direction with a height of 175 Ft. On the top of the hill, the temple of Deshbhushan Kulbhushan is placed. There are 250 steps to climb the hill. On the top of the temple (inside the Shikhar) holy ancient Padukas of Deshbhushan and Kulbhushan are there. There is a story about these Padukas. There was a person named Metashah Humbad, staying in Bawagadh, he saw a dream that one cow is feeding milk to her calf on the hill and there were Padukas are buried in the same place where the cow is standing. So Metashah shared his dreams with villagers and he wanted to check whether it is really there or not. So he dug the holes on the hill and he found that Padukas are there. He took it out and replaced it in the same place. After that in 1932, Shree Haribhai Devkaranji Gandhi constructed a temple in this place and replace the Padukas under the guidance of Shree Kanakkirti, a Bhattarak from Idar Peeth. Then Indore-based Shreeman Venichand Malukchand, Solapur-based Haribhai Devkaran Gandhi, Jeevraj Gautamchand Gandhi, Smt. Manikbai Baapuji Akkalkotkar had constructed the hall in front of the temple. There are 3 fit high marble idols of Deshbhushan and Kulbhushan placed in this main temple. Shreeman Tuljaram Chaturchand Shah from Baramati and Devchand Panachand Kalambkar replaced these idols in the year 2006. On the left side of this idol, we found the idol of Shree Munisuvratnath Bhagwan and Shantinath Bhagwan. In the hall idols of Bhagwan Aadinath, and Parwshanath is placed. On the top of this temple, an idol of Bhagwan Simandhar has been placed by Shree Chandulaal Jyotichand Shah from Baramati. This temple has glasswork inside which is done by Sou. Snehlatabai Motilaalji Shah.