वंशस्थल बन के ढिग होय, पश्चिम दिशा कुंथलगिरी सोय।
कुलभूषण देशभूषण नाम, तिनके चरणनि करौ प्रणाम ॥

The above lines are from “Nirvana Kanda”, according to which “Kunthalgiri” is the holy land from where Deshbhushan and Kulbhushan attained salvation. It is the southernmost “siddha-kshetra” (a holy land, from where one attains salvation) in India. The “siddha-kshetra” are considered to be of the holiest places on earth according to Jain teachings, and a visit or prayer to such place has been considered more fruitful to the devotee.

The story of Deshbhushan-Kulbhushan is found in “Padma-purana” composed by Acharya Ravishen, in the 39th chapter.

In ancient India, there was a bountiful and beautiful state of Magadha. The king of Magadha was known as Kshemakar, he used to rule his kingdom from the capital city of Siddharth. His wife’s name was Vimalavati and his sons were Deshbhushan and Kulbhushan. Both were extremely handsome, strong, and happy children. They had grown old enough, to begin with, their education when an extremely learned scholar named Sagarghosh arrived in the capital Siddharth. To find a capable teacher in Sagarghosh for his sons, king Kshemakar requested he educates his sons. Sagarghosh accepted the request and took both princes along with him to his Guru-kul (which was the Indian educational system in those days). Then both the princes were around 8/10 years old.

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