Shree Deshbhushan Kulbhushan Mahavidyalay

Shree Deshbhushan Kulbhushan Mahavidyalay

Foundation – When Parshwasagarji Maharaj arrived at this holy place he found that the people are surrounded by many problems because of illiteracy. So he understood that Education is the only way to people’s welfare and thus he founded Shree Deshbhushan Kulbhushan Mahavidyalay on the day of Rakshabandhan in 1913 (Hindu Calander: Shravan Shukla 15 Veer Nirvan Sanvat 2439). Shree Parshwasagarji Maharaj was the main Founder of this school. In the beginning, there were only five to ten students studying in high school.

Interruptions – In the past people were not aware of education so Shree Parshwasagarji walked from village to village and was convinced about the importance of education to the people, he was bringing small children to the boarding school at Kunthalgiri, He was collecting donations in the form of grains and money. To reduce the boarding expenses all students were doing extra work apart from their studies like cleaning the building, cooking, washing, and other tasks. Thus Parshwasagarji was teaching self-dependent ness to the students. Many time boarding management faced the problem of lack of funds, grains, and other materials but Parwshasagari was a stubborn kind of person who served the Boarding school honestly. There was a great contribution by Shree Beedkar guruji to running the Boarding School. Now, this school is on a progressive track and achieving its targets.

Towards the progress – From the year 1913 to 1972 this Gurukul faced many problems, but from 1972 Pa. Pu. 108 Samantbhadra Swamiji concentrate on the development of the Gurukul, and then this institution for a new direction towards progress. This Gurukul then converted from primary school to high school and Solapur-based Aillak Digamber Jain Pathshala took the charge to run this high school and now this Gurukul has made remarkable progress in all directions. This Gurukul is one of the famous high schools known in the Osmanabad district.

Facilities – Now there is a total of 230 students are studying, experienced teaching staff, a well-equipped library, practical lab, hobby workshop, and independent playground are available.

Boarding facility for students – There are two hostels on the campus with a total of 18 rooms. These buildings are divided into two wings containing 7 big halls. This building is constructed by great donors Shreeman Seth Gendmalji Ghansi Ramji Zavheri and Gunmalaben Zavheri. These hostels are with a capacity of 250 students where currently 230 students are living. Hostel management served two times meals and one time breakfast to the students. Here Jain Sanskaar Gyaan (Jain Religion Philosophy) is compulsory for all students.

Eatery (Bhojanalay) – Baramati-based Vadujkar family donates funds to the eatery.

New Highschool Campus – The new campus is situated near Saramkundi Fata road. This campus includes an administrative office for the high school, Art School, Practical Lab, Library, and other educational facilities. Shreeman Seth Kantilaal Shantilaal Zavheri has donated the fund to construct the campus.