Beedkar Guruji

Tirthrakshak Shree. Gopal Balaji Beedkar Guruji

Shree Beedkar sir had a great contribution to serving Kunthalgiri. Beedkar sir was born in 1904, in his childhood, he lost his father and mother, at that time Shree Parshwasagar Maharaj brought him to Kunthalgiri where he learn in primary school later on he went to Solapur Jain Boarding and completed his Matric Exam. He joined as a teacher in the Jain Shravikashram. Parshwasagarji was searching for an appropriate person who has the ability to run the Aashram at Kunthalgiri so he invited Beedkar sir in 1930 and then Beedkar sir became a permanent resident there. While working in Pathshala he became a manager of Kunthalgiri Management Trust. He took a lot of many efforts to gain water, electricity, Post service, bus service, and road connectivity for this place. In the same period, violence was started everywhere in the region of Marathwada. Mobs were threatening him with putting a gun on his chest but Beedkar sir was convincing them to not do any anti-social activities around this holy place. When Shree. Jeevraj Gautamchand Doshi and Motichand Hirachand Gandhi know about the happenings of the incident at Kunthalgiri they called Beedkar sir back to Solapur for his safety but he refused the requests because he preferred the safety of this holy place first. Later on, Beedkar was rewarded and titled Tirthrakshak (A protector) with Rs. 1000 cash but he donated that amount to this place. He was an unhurried, brave kind of person but he was a soft person inside. Poetry and Music was his passion and his handwriting was so beautiful. He has written several books few of which are Deshbhushan-Kulbhushan Charitra, Kavyapujan, Mangal Lahari, and ‘Khara Swarth Tyag’ drama.